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Jamestown Show 2012 Schedule

Jamestown Show Annual Fun Day 2012

Affiliated to the ISA

Field Adjacent to Jamestown Community Centre

Saturday 28th July, starting 12.30 pm

by kind permission of J. Byrne

T.R. Dallas providing the music on the field 

and at the Show Dance that night

 Horticultural and Cookery Competitions

 Dog Show

 Cookery demonstration by Shamzuri Hanifa from the Cottage Restaurant

 Puppet Show

 Display of Army vehicles and Artillery

 Shannonside Radio Outside Broadcast.

Also Face Painting, Races, Bonny Baby, Fancy Dress, Little Miss & Mr Jamestown (under 10yrs), Tossing the Sheaf, Bouncing Castle and Much More

Enquires to Mary Mc Dermott, Corbally, Jamestown, Carrick on Shannon

Tel – 071 9621504  

Show Social

28th July Night

Music by T.R. Dallas

Selection and crowning of the Show Queen and Jamestown’s most eligible bachelor

Cookery Section

Prizes: 1st €7, 2nd €5, 3rd €3.

Entry fee: €2

 Class 1: Homemade white soda cake (not exceeding 3lbs).

 Class 2: Homemade brown soda cake (not exceeding 3lbs).

 Class 3: Homemade ginger cake.

 Class 4: Homemade light fruit cake.

 Class 5: Plate of six plain scones.

 Class 6: Plate of six fruit scones.

 Class 7: Homemade apple/rhubarb tart (plated).

 Class 8: Homemade carrot cake.

 Class 9: Homemade banana bread.

 Class 10: Homemade biscuit cake.

 Class 11: Homemade gateaux/cake (any variety).

 Class 12: Homemade dessert (any variety).

 Class 13: Homemade swiss roll.

 Class 14: homemade tea brack.

 Class 15: Pot of homemade blackcurrant jam.

 Class 16: Pot of homemade gooseberry jam.

 Class 17: Pot of homemade marmalade jam.

 Class 18: Pot of homemade rhubarb jam.

 Class 19: Pot of homemade strawberry jam.

 Class 20: Pot of home made chutney.

Class 20a: Qualifying Class

Kids cookery

 Prizes: 1st €5, 2nd €3, 3rd €2.

Entry fee: €1

 Class 21: Plate of six homemade, decorated queen cakes.

 Class 22: Most adventurous rice krispy cake or six adventurous rice krispy buns.

 Class 23: Funny face cake.

Photo section

 Prizes: 1st €7, 2nd €5, 3rd €3.

Entry fee: €2

 Class 52: Best humorous photo.

 Class 53: Best scenery photo.

 Class 54: Best animal photo.

 Class 55: Best child photo.

 Class 56: Best family photo.

 Class 57: Best scene from a previous Jamestown Show.

Garden Section

 Prizes: 1st €7, 2nd €5, 3rd €3.

Entry fee: €2

 Class 24: Truss of tomatoes.

 Class 25: Two heads of cabbage (boxed).

Class 26: Three parsnips.

Class 27: Three carrots.

Class 28: Two heads of lettuce.

Class 29: Two beetroots.

Class 30: Three onions.

Class 31: Two courgettes.

Class 32: Six pods of peas.

Class 33: Four sticks of rhubarb.

Class 34: Box of mixed vegetables (maximum five varieties).

Class 35: Six brown eggs.

Class 36: Six white eggs.

Class 37: Six duck eggs.

Class 38: Best herb or herbs in a container (small).

Class 39: Collection of cut herbs displayed in a basket.

Flower section

 Prizes: 1st €7, 2nd €5, 3rd €3.

Entry fee: €2

 Class 40: Rose of the show (one bloom).

 Class 41: Pot plant (foliage only).

 Class 42: Flowering pot plant.

 Class 43: Vase of roses.

 Class 44: Collection of dahlias (all varieties, twelve blooms).

 Class 45: Hardy herbaceous floral arrangement (three varieties).

 Class 46: Floral arrangement of cut flowers.

 Class 47: Sweet pea (ten stems, one vase)

 Junior floral section

Prizes: 1st €5, 2nd €3, 3rd €2.

Entry fee: €1

Class 48: Best vase of wild flowers (arrangement disqualified).

Class 49: Vegetarian (a decorated vegetable).

Class 50: Fairy garden (exhibits on a tray, confined to children 9years and under).

Class 51: Floral arrangement (any type).

Virginia Agricultural Show Society Presents

 A healthy eating food tray competition.

Sponsored by Riverfront Bar and Restaurant Virginia

Rules and conditions

Each entry to consist of the following

A.6 Oatmeal biscuits

B. Brown bread

C. Carrot cake

The entry to be displayed on a tray measuring not more than 20 x 20ins.

Points will be awarded for taste texture and appearance of the entries.

The competition is confined to amateurs.

Entries must be fresh and home baked.

Two entries may qualify from each Show.

The judges decision at all levels of the competition will be final.

All entries are shown at the owner’s risk.

 Entry fee to qualifying Show €3 to final €6

 Prizes at final 1st €150, 2nd €100, 3rd €75, 4th €50 and 5th €25.

 Final will be held at Virginia Show Wednesday 22 of August 2012.

Jamestown Dog show

This section is kindly sponsored by Rosderra Meats Jamestown.

Prizes: 1st €10, 2nd €7, 3rd €3.

Dog food and rosette

Entry fee: €2

Class 58: Puppy any breed.

Class 59: Best gun dog (open, sponsored by Carrick-on-Shannon gun club).

Class 60: Best terrier (open).

 Class 61: Best guard dog (sponsored by Daly motors Jamestown).

 Class 62: Best rescue dog.

 Class 63: Utility/sporting dog (boxer, great dane, st.bernard).

 Class 64: Toy dog ( Pomeranian, Pekingese).

 Class 65: Best dog shown and owned by a child under 12years (1st prize the Emma Butler memorial perpetual cup).

 Class 66: Best dog handled by a lady.

 Class 67: Best dog handled by a gent.

 Class 68: Best dog of mixed ancestry.

 Class 69: Three dogs the judge would like to take home.

 Class 70: Best dog that did not win a prize on show day (free class, no entry fee).

 Champion dog of the show.

1st prize winners in each class qualify for entry.

Note: Exhibitors are requested to have dogs under strict control, any dog listed in the Government order must be muzzled and on a strong chain.